A letter to a Friend

Surfing back throughout my memories, digging, and squeezing the best moments in my life, I could only think of you! I didn’t even try hard. I didn’t have to choose. 

I really was shocked, when I came up with this realization, as I tend to overthink everything! Not this time. 

It just felt right. 

I lost a lot of friends over the years, most of which, still pretend to be my friends, yet we barely know each other. It was my fault, I lost most of my friends. I took them for granted. 

Every human being has their own personality, mentality, and level of intelligence. I do not suppose anyone should understand mine. But you did! 

I had so many, and still have many (Best Friends)! Each one of them are friends with a different aspect of me, a distinct line of my thoughts and a unique part of my madness. 

Every problem, every happy occasion, and every era of my life was and still is related to a different best friend. The best friend who would understand that problem, that occasion and that era! 

With that being said, thinking about a lot of my problems, even the most intimate ones that I couldn’t handle tackling by myself, I could easily and simply just turn to you, and you would be the best person to hear about it, sympathize with me, and provide a very productive input. 

How could you do that? 

How could you have called me in that specific moment? 
How did you know I was about to do something bad? Something I would have regretted for the rest of my life. Something I would have remembered with shame, whilst, I now remember with pride. It was all you! 

I know I am so far away…

I know I seem to be a galaxy away …

I know we haven’t met, or spoken to each other for so long, but you are never away. 

You are always here, right next to me! 

Please accept my apology,




Any concept can be applied in a generic manner and can agree with most ideas crossing your mind. At a certain point, however, you feel like “No! It does not apply here”, yet you forget about it with the next thought crossing your mind, or the next image entering your short-term memory album that is built in your brain. Do you know why you forget about that disagreement your mind came up with at that certain moment? Do you know why you never remember that later, like you remember much sillier things you come across everyday?

Human Beings basically like to live in groups, and since the group did not mention anything about that “stupid idea” which, crossed your mind, you don’t know why, and you wish never did, then you think that you are wrong; you must be wrong; of course you are wrong, because otherwise, other “more powerful and more influential people would have said something about it.

Your brain is trained to follow and answer!

It is not trained to question a system, or raise a question about it.

You think you are free. You think you have access to all important information affecting your life. You think you are choosing your path!

Let me tell you something;

You choose nothing.

You are like fish living FREE in a small aquarium!

If you do not question your surroundings, if you do not raise questions about the deepest doubts you have, if you do not try to find the truth about something you never were convinced with, you are as helpless and pathetic as the fish in the aquarium!

Ancient philosophers used to say:

“Answers are everywhere. It’s questions you need to search for!”

Thank you,

Elias Saed